Kissing affects the body more than morphium…

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KLIK HR – The rumors are that kissing can burn calories, remove wrinkles and generally use the good things about saliva exchange with your partner for your own pleasure. How come something seemingly simple has so wide range of effects? Well, for starters, it seams that the body dedicated to kisses produces substances stronger than morphium…no wonder people are happy and satisfied after that. There are other facts you probably didn’t know about kissing.

This is what scientists say:

  1. Kissing activates twenty nine face muscles reducing the formation of wrinkles. So, if you don’t want wrinkles, kiss till you drop.
  2. I am certain you didn’t know that partners who kiss exchange all kind of substances with saliva, those are, believe it or not, fat, mineral salts and proteins. Recent research has shown that exchange of these substances heals and amplifies the production of antibodies which prevent possible infection of various diseases.
  3. It is widely known that most people, even 66%, have closed eyes while kissing while the rest enjoy observing the face of their partner.
  4. American statistic shows that, in percentage , american woman kisses about eighty men before marriage.
  5. It is interesting that a quick, romantic kiss, “burns” two to three calories, while French kiss “burns” more than five calories.
  6. Did you know that lips are two hundred times more sensitive than finger tips?
  7. There is an opinion that men who kiss their wifes before going to work live five years longer than those who just close their house doors behind them and are more likely to cause a traffic accident or to participate in one.
  8. A kiss that lasts more than 90 seconds raises blood pressure and accelerates pulse. The level of hormones in blood is raised, so the life of a person is changed in a minute.
  9. French kiss is also called “merging of souls” because beside lips, we also use our tongue.
  10. Opposite to believes that Eskimos show their love only by rubbing their noses, they also “use” gentle bites with their mouths open so they could share sensations. Then, they release air through their mouths. After scent savor they press their nose against their partners cheek and stay that way for a minute or two.
  11. In Japan, kissing in public place causes disapproval. It is the same in China, Taiwan and Korea. Typical Japanese thinks of it as humiliating it’s own tradition, loosing morale and as a bad inheritance
  12. Bodies dedicated to kisses can produce substances two hundred times stronger than some narcotics (like morphium ). That is why partners, while kissing, can experience strong sensation similar to euphoria and can experience intensive feeling of happiness.
  13. Kissing helps women to relax after a hard working day, and relieves them from stress.
  14. There is a statistic saying that people spend more than two weeks of their life kissing.
  15. A kiss that lasts more than a minute can”release” 26 calories from the body.
  16. Every second person on this planet experiences their first romantic kiss before they turn 14.


  1. Jenny said,

    Wow I never knew that

  2. kashika said,

    Well, now you know 😉
    Kissing is a very powerful thing…

  3. asal said,

    that’s very god

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